Relationships 101: Is Sexting Cheating?


The majority of modern-day relationships start on the phone and ironically so does modern-day infidelity. Sexting is the act of cheating on your partner through sexual relationships over the internet. And while it may not be a physical affair – it’s still an affair outside your committed relationship, which is considered cheating. While some may…

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Everything You Need to Know About EMSculpt Neo

Imagine a device that gives you the result of 20,000 sit-ups in only 30 mins – well, you just imagined the EMSculpt Neo. In the ever-changing world of non-invasive procedures, EMSculpt Neo is the latest device to hit the market making monumental waves in the industry, and for a good reason. The body contouring treatment…

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Should You Be Adding Alkaline Water to Your Skincare Routine?

If no one has told you by now, then let us be the first to inform you – water is the first step to any revitalizing skincare routine. Truly, no matter how many luxurious creams, expensive serums, and trending treatments you try, they won’t work effectively if you aren’t properly hydrated. But not all water…

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The 7 Best Collagen Powders for Beautiful Hair, Skin, and Nails

If you’ve been hitting the aisles in your favorite beauty store, getting incredible facials, or reading any type of beauty articles – then you’ve def. heard the word “collagen.” This re-emerging beauty essential has been the talk of the town and tbh, the main source of all of your skincare needs. Although collagen is one…

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