Dora Maar’s Founder on Her 7-Step Skincare Routine


When Lauren Wilson, Founder, and CEO of the well-known archival luxury fashion platform Dora Maar, realized the connection between fashion and skincare, she had one idea in mind — DoMa BeaUty.

While the chic site houses classic brands such as Chanel, Celine, and Dior, it’s now home to exclusive beauty products including clean French brand Payot Paris and clean beauty brand Onå New York. The new launch of DoMa BeaUty allows Wilson’s shoppers or “Muses” as she refers to them, a new platform to shop chic pieces and the clean ingredients all in one place.

Here, Wilson sat down with 3-Hues to discuss how she incorporates beauty into her life, what products are in her current skincare routine, and the one self-care tip she wishes she knew when she was younger. Here’s what she had to say…

Walk us Through Your Skincare Routine?

Whether morning or night, I look at my skincare routine as a part of my day that I get to feel luxurious. I’ve especially been looking at my nighttime routine as a major self-care moment.

Recently, I have been using- and have fallen in love with- my new favorite French brand, Payot Paris. The Payot Face and Eye Cleansing Oil is hydrating and dissolves my makeup from the day.

I typically double-cleanse and use the Kate Somerville’s Goat Milk Moisturizing Cleanser, then layer on a serum, it’s different for day and night. I finish my routine off with a moisturizer, which is also different day from night.

During the day, I use Egyptian Magic as it’s simple, but ultra-nourishing. And for the night, I use Teddie’s Rosehip oil, it’s all-natural and simple, and perfect at night to charge up your skin for the next day.

Photo Credit: Payot Paris

What is Your Go-To Product? 

At Dora Maar, we recently launched DoMa BeaUty featuring products from Payot Paris and Onå New York – both simple, natural, and effective due to their innovative formulas. Payot Paris has been a mainstay in French beauty for over 100 years.

My new favorite product is the Payot Healthy Glow Serum, which is highly concentrated in Vitamin C and antioxidant superfruits, so it’s a big dose of energy. I apply a few drops of this serum to my face and neck after cleansing. In the evening, I use it to get a radiance-boosting glow. I also love that it’s simple but has micro-crystals which is an alluring ingredient.

Onå is a PETA-certified vegan skincare brand infused with unique Russian ingredients. I’ve been told how important using eye cream is, and I’m really enjoying their Brightening Eye Cream.

“Find a routine and products that work for you and stick with it.” – Lauren Wilson, Founder of Dora Maar

What Are Your Major Skin Concerns at The Moment? 

I have two main skin concerns; one is dryness, especially living in NYC in the winter – to combat this issue I double up on nourishing overnight masks, I love the simplicity of Laniege. I also am now solidly in my 30s so preventive skincare is a focus for me. I use retinol to continue to make sure my skin is actively regenerating.


Photo Credit: Onå New York

If You Could Give Your Younger Self One Tip About Your Skin Back Then, What Would it Be? 

Hydration is KEY! Sometimes the simplest things make the difference, in my 20s I know I was not hydrating enough. Also, I would tell my younger self to not feel like I have to try every trend in the beauty book. Find a routine and products that work for you and stick with it.

Destinee A. Hughes


Destinee A. Hughes is the Editor-in-Chief of 3-Hues.com where she discovers the best beauty products, wellness treatments, and sex & relationship topics.

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