Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Geneo Facial

Facials have evolved over the years. We are no longer simply putting a store-bought mask on our face and calling it a day, we’ve upgraded our standards and now require a multi-step process to ensure our skin looks the best it possibly can — and that just became a lot easier thanks to the 3-in-1 Geneo facial.

The Geneo facial treatment you’ve been seeing all over your social media feeds, in the latest magazines, and in your favorite medspas is the latest skincare treatment to actually work. It offers a variety of different treatments catered to each and every skin type and concern, which allows results to be seen immediately.

Here, we sat down with clinical specialist Cait McGuire to discuss the many benefits of this 3-in-1 treatment and why this is the facial of the future.

What is The Process of The Geneo Facial?

A Geneo facial starts with a beautiful, gentle exfoliation of the skin, coupled with natural oxygenation that is brought on by a special reaction between the Geneo Primer Gel and Geneo OxyPod.

Depending on the specialized treatment kit being used, the active ingredients in the OxyPod will vary and deliver targeted results like brightening, anti-aging, acne-fighting, etc. while a gentle vibration and granular breakdown of the OxyPod lift away superficial dead skin cells.

When the Geneo OxyPod and Geneo Primer Gel interact, tiny microbubbles form and coat the skin in a lively layer of CO2 – it’s this CO2-rich environment that triggers the red blood cells to release oxygen into the surrounding tissue, leading to better skin function, better absorption of active ingredients, and overall healthy-looking radiant skin.

Geneo Facial Pods

What Are The Differences Between The Options of Treatments?

Geneo offers five treatment types based on specific skin concerns and is completely customizable for every skin type and age.

  • The Revive Facial helps diminish the signs of aging and increases firmness.
  • The Illuminate Facial can unify skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation.
  • The Hydrate Facial is best to hydrate skin and instantly achieve smoother skin.
  • The Detox Facial prevents damage caused by external allergens and environmental stressors.
  • The Balance Facial is best for oily, acne-prone skin.

“The Geneo facial provides immediate and long-lasting results with no downtime.” – Clinical Specialist, Cait McGuire

How Soon Can Results Be Seen?

Geneo yields an instantaneous glow and a super-smooth texture immediately after the treatment, as well as an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increased hydration. More long-term results happen on a smaller scale, deeper in the skin, and are a result of enhanced cell function and nourishment.

Before/After Illuminating Facial

Which Skincare Ingredients Are Used During The Facial? 

Geneo uses highly effective Oxypod ingredients including naturally sourced vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Each facial uses different ingredients geared towards specific skin concerns like Green Tea Extract, Blue Spirulina, Red Algae, Vitamin C, and more. The Geneo OxyPod ingredients are created with specially selected ingredients which are formulated into the OxyPod in a dry, dormant state.

This allows for the freshest and most efficacious form of the ingredients to be delivered into the skin, essentially coming to life once they come in contact with the Geneo Primer Gel.

Why is This The Facial of The Future?

The Geneo facial is a super-facial suitable for all skin types and provides immediate and long-lasting results with no downtime. The utilization of native oxygen sets Geneo apart from other treatments that aim to oxygenate the skin through external means. The lack of suction and control over treatment intensity makes it a suitable treatment even for more sensitive skin types.

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