New Year, New Makeup: Meet MAC’s Moon Masterpiece Collection


When makeup and astrology collide, artistic innovations are born, and in this case, that’s MAC’s latest Moon Masterpiece Collection. This limited-edition cosmic collection is composed of highlighters, lipsticks, eyeshadows, and more, all influenced by the Lunar New Year. All of the products come complete in specially designed packaging featuring bright neon colors and the symbolic koi fish.

“This collection is everything you need to get ready to give good face and give way to the Lunar New Year.” – Regan Rabanal, M·A·C Senior Manager of Makeup Artistry, Asia Pacific

With the Pop Art packaging evoking feelings of good luck and prosperity, the exclusive collection features a range of artful lip, eye, and face shades. Take a look at the amazing products in this limited-edition collection:


Powder Kiss Lipstick 


This must-have lipstick comes in five vibrant shades with unique names, all appealing to wealth and good fortune for the New Year.

  • Turn Up Your Luck vibrant bright red
  • Lucky Be A Lady: Smokey Brown Red
  • Brickthrough: Dusty Rose
  • Playing Koi: Vibrant Orange Coral
  • Healthy Wealthy And Thriving: True Red


Veriscolour Varnish Cream Lip Stain 


Keep it subtle and simple with this cream lip stain. The Like Candy shade is a bright cool pink, while the No Interruptions shade comes in a daring deep burgundy.

  • Like Candy: Bright Cool Pink
  • No Interruptions: Deep Burgundy

Sea of Plenty Eyeshadow


This exclusive eyeshadow palette is a mix of nine shimmering shades ranging from a soft, golden peachy-brown to a violet pearlescent blue-green. This is the perfect palette for day-to-night transitioning.

  • Honey Lust: Bronze-dipped peach
  • Expensive Pink: Duochrome pink
  • Soft Brown: Soft, golden, peachy brown
  • Cranberry: Red-plum with pink shimmer
  • Phloof!: Frosted off-white
  • Girlie: Rosy pink with subtle shimmer
  • Omega: Soft, muted beige-taupe
  • Tilt: Violet with blue-green pearlescent particles
  • Black Tied: Black with silver sparkle

Extra Dimension Skinfinish 


If the captivating koi fish design isn’t striking enough, the gleaming shade of this beige and silver highlight certainly is. This highlighter is perfect for all skin tones, creating an effortless and ethereal glow.

  • Double-Gleam: Beige that breaks silver

Powder Blush Duo: Good Health, Great Wealth 


This blush duo is the perfect combination for a peachy-red and orange hue, creating a natural flush.

  • Pinch O’ Peach: Peachy pink Modern Mandarin: Red-orange
  • Modern Mandarin: Red-orange

Shop this limited-edition collection online at maccosmetics.com or in-store at select locations.

Destinee A. Hughes


Destinee A. Hughes is the Editor-in-Chief of 3-Hues.com where she discovers the best beauty products, wellness treatments, and sex & relationship topics.

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