The 7 Most Stylish Nail Art Designs and Trends For 2021


Scrolling on social media and double-tapping on gold foil manis and pearl embellished nails has become a favorite pastime, one we’re not ashamed to admit. Nail art trends have reached new creativity levels within the last year, which makes 2021 the perfect year to showcase those brand new must-have manis.

We’ve curated a list of the most popular nail trends you’ll be seeing in 2021. Keep reading below to see which design is right for you.

Graphic Art

Art should be appreciated on all canvases, especially the nails. Graphic designs will be one of the most creative designs you’ll see this year. Expect negative spaces, minimalist lines, and abstract looks.


Multicolored Manicures

Picking only one color is so last year. This year using multiple colors on our manis will be popular and for good reason. What’s so fun about this trend is that you can pick the colors depending on the hue, shade range, or theme; the possibilities are endless.

Logo Homage

Starting now, we’re embracing designer manis and classic logo prints. Imagine your favorite brand’s colors and print, and then build your designer mani around that idea. Nail shape and length will play a fun part in creating the perfect mani.

*3-Hues Tip: We recommend a basic mani with a Chanel logo.


Cuticle Moons

It’s time to show those cuticles some much-needed love. Play with subtle pops of color softly around the border of the nail to give a simple but bold look. Not only is this design a conversation starter, but it has the potential to be a new take on a reverse French mani.


Checkered Nails

If Alice in Wonderland had a manicure, this would be it. Pick two complementary colors, and get into complete mosaic vibes while designing each nail to make one of the most detailed nail designs we’ll see this year.

Metallic Tips

These simple but chic nails are our favorite go-to nail design. Not only do they effortlessly match every outfit, but they also add that extra glam factor we all need from time to time. We’re positive this trend will turn into a classic in the future.

Barely There Nails

This past year has been tough on our nails. We spent a lot of time becoming DIY manicurists and even more time repairing the damage we did. For that reason, we are giving our nails a much-needed break and opting for a fresh and clean look.


Destinee A. Hughes


Destinee A. Hughes is the Editor-in-Chief of 3-Hues.com where she discovers the best beauty products, wellness treatments, and sex & relationship topics.

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