The One Essence I’ll Always Include in My Skincare Routine


It’s rare to come across a skincare product that delivers exactly what it promises. But when I do, I feel it’s my duty to share with the world.

That product? RéVive’s Enzyme Essence.

This daily resurfacing treatment has changed my skin in ways I didn’t think were possible. Made me believe in aging backward, and put all my concerns of rampant dry skin to rest.  This is how…

What were my skin concerns?

To put it simply – hydration. It’s true, as you get older your skin needs a bit more hydration than before. So my once overly oily skin was now lacking moisture and I never saw it coming.

Fortunately, this essence put all the hydration right back into my skin that I’ve seemed to lose. With one good shake, their Bio-Renewal Peptide combines with natural ingredients including papaya, pineapple, and cranberry enzymes giving the skin an equal match of exfoliation and hydration.

Let’s talk ingredients…

This is what makes me so happy – the ingredients. RéVive’s Enzyme Essence is fortified with a marriage of ingredients that work to hydrate and exfoliate simultaneously. The papaya, pineapple, and cranberry enzymes act as a natural source of exfoliation to brighten skin and stimulate collagen. While squalane, jojoba, meadowfoam, and camellia oil easily absorb into the skin protecting the barrier.

Which step in my skincare routine?

As recommended, I used this product right after I thoroughly cleaned my skin.  Remember, it’s always light to heavy when applying skincare. After a good shake to activate all of its exceptional properties, I put a few drops in the palm of my hand and pat it into my skin. And yes, I absolutely include my neck.


What does it feel like?

Silk. Nothing more to say. Simply – silk.

What results can I expect?

I’ve been using this enzyme essence daily morning and night for the last five months and let me just say – wow. The texture of my skin has completely changed. My pores are smaller and less visible, and the hydration I thought I lost in my twenties has poured itself right back into my skin. My skin tone is visibly brighter, and I haven’t had one breakout since I began using this essence.
The other products I use in my skincare routine absorb better, resulting in me getting the maximum use out of each product. My skin is even toned, looks healthier, fine lines have diminished, and the overall texture is smoother than it has ever been before.
If you’re looking for a radiant complexion, maximum hydration, and an improvement in visible signs of aging then this is your sign to add RéVive’s Enzyme Essence into your skincare routine.
Destinee A. Hughes


Destinee A. Hughes is the Editor-in-Chief of 3-Hues.com where she discovers the best beauty products, wellness treatments, and sex & relationship topics.

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