20 Chic and Colorful Spring Nail Trends to Try

Spring is quickly approaching and while we’ve loved our winter manis it’s time to upgrade our go-to looks to our favorite floral, chic, and colorful downright jaw-dropping manis. This season we’re really tapping into our creative side and using literally everything as our mood board [we’re looking at you smiley face mani].

Needless to say,  we found the 20 most colorful and trendy nail designs to try this season or for the rest of the year because these designs are just too good to be singularly seasonal.

Pastel French

If you can’t tell by this pic, then let us reiterate it for you — pastel French manicures are totally a thing.

Daisy French

The classic French manicure with minimal daisy designs.

Neon Swirls

If this neutral background matched with neon swirls doesn’t get you excited for Spring, what will?!

Ombre Rainbow

Why wait for the rain to see a rainbow when you can just paint one on your nails?

Crisscross Creamsicle 

Your favorite chevron print just got a major creamsicle update.

Whirls and Swirls

If the 70s had a Spring mani — this would be it.

Lavender Dreams

Mixing bold and soft colors is always a good idea.

(Spring) The Heat

Red and orange tones for the Spring will heat up any mani.

Mod Mood

Smiley faces, hearts, flowers, and checkered prints? Yes, please.

Daisy Dream

Pastels and daisies, what’s more Spring than this?

Textured Rainbows 

WOW. That’s the sentence — just wow.

Cute and Cloudy

Cloudy days never looked so good.

Ocean Blues

It’s like ying and yang — but the blue version.

Melting Metallic 

If you’re looking for a conversation-starting mani, then this is it.

Delicate Florals

If you close your eyes and imagine delicate manicures, this is probably the image that pops up in your head.

A Swirl Away

It’s clear that swirls are a thing this Spring.

Spring Swirls

Seriously, Spring swirls are really a thing.

Multi Mani

If you cant pick one design — pick five.

Bold Negatives

Yes, swirls yet again. But with a bold color dynamic.

Mani Masterpiece

If anyone asks, a renowned artist painted your nails.

Destinee A. Hughes


Destinee A. Hughes is the Editor-in-Chief of 3-Hues.com where she discovers the best beauty products, wellness treatments, and sex & relationship topics.

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