Here’s How Edging Can Be A Magical Experience


Having an orgasm can be one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world. But what most people don’t know is that orgasms, like anything done with intention, hold an immense amount of power – spiritual power. And while there are many ways to harness this power, one of the best ways to stock up on it is to practice the art of edging.

Edging is when you are stimulated to the point where you are about to orgasm but withhold from doing so. When this is done, the intensity of the built-up energy is stored in your body as opposed to being released.

Here, we detailed how to engage in this practice to tap into your maximum power potential.

How Does Edging Help You Manifest?

The sole function of sex is to create, whether it be for life or intense energy. Using our orgasms for intent and purpose can be a powerful tool when used with the right mindset. To put things into a physical perspective, orgasms are the only form of explosive energy that is physically released that we have absolute control over. You are physically feeling your desires.

Energy arrives from three factors of the body; thought, emotion, and action, and sex happens to be a process of all three of these factors. First, you become aroused (thought), then you become filled with love (emotion), then you feel the intensity of the orgasm being released (action). This in turn creates a surge of sexual energy.

Sexual energy is creative energy, and the more you build this energy the more powerful of a tool you have for your manifestations. Because of this, you can use your stored sexual energy for other forms of creation rather than simply orgasming. The goal is to release this powerful energy into the universe to attract what you desire.

How To Do It?

With or without a partner, all you need to do to edge is work yourself up to the point that you are about to orgasm, but stop just as you are about to release. This can be done multiple times back-to-back or consecutively throughout the days. When you feel as if you’ve stored and intended enough energy, that is when you finally release creating a powerfully magnetic orgasm.

To start the practice, begin with the below:

Create Your Intention Beforehand

Before you begin this practice make sure to have intent on what you want to gain from this experience. If you are manifesting prosperity, then envision yourself financially stable. See your bank account balance with numerous commas in them. If you are manifesting love, then envision yourself surrounded by your ideal partner, or think of all the incredible things you love about yourself. You can write these things down in a journal, or you can say them aloud. The key is to have intent on what you are attracting.

Also, once you begin your practice it’s important to keep these thoughts in your mind as well. Visualize what you are desiring the entire time you are masturbating or having sex.

Visualize Through Your Chakras

Each of our seven chakras is correlated with powerful energy points within our body. It’s important to understand the purpose and power of each of these chakras and how to manifest with them. For instance, if you are manifesting a romantic relationship you would use your heart chakra. You would envision the color green flowing in and around you, your focal point would be in your chest area [around your heart].

Visualization when manifesting is so important in this practice because after all, you have to see it before you believe it, to achieve it.

Use Metaphysical Tools

Using tools such as crystals, sound bowls, sage, and other metaphysical properties also help intensify the manifestation process.

  • Use sage to cleanse the space
  • Use palo santo to inspire creative energy within the space
  • Use the correlating sound bowl with whichever chakra you wish to activate
  • Use the correlating crystals that are in sync with your intention

*Pro-tip: Place the crystal on the corresponding chakra during this practice, and when you finally release this energy place it on the sacral chakra, which controls the sex organs, to capture the intended energy. 

What Are The Benefits Of Edging?

Physically, edging can help produce more potent semen in men, while enhancing stronger orgasms for women.

Spiritually, edging is an advanced way to manifest through sexual energy as opposed to simply using it for pleasure purposes. This energy can be used for a deeper connection to the consciousness, which will help achieve goals. This practice can also help balance chakras, especially the sacral and heart chakra as this is an act of direct love.

Destinee A. Hughes


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