20 Chic Valentine’s Nail Designs to Fall in Love With

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and while we’ve booked our hair appointments, much-needed wax appointments, and pore cleansing facials, we can’t neglect the one self-indulgent task that seems to put us in a mental conniption with its endless opportunities — our manicures.

But don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you this year and found the hottest, most dare-to-dream designs and trends out there to help you narrow down your choices for this day of unconditional love.

Here are the top 20 nail designs you should be adding to your must-try list this Valentine’s day.

We’ll take two modern French tips and three ombre swirls with a side of delicate hearts, please.

Simple, chic, and straight to the point — in a bold red of course.

Mix-matched red flaming hearts? Or hearts on fire?

This gives a new meaning The Five Heartbeats.

Sparks of love — literally.

Chrome hearts on a delicate base.

Yes, it’s 2022 and we still stan a standout nail.

Just look at those tips… look at them.

Alice in Wonderland vibes, but with a romantic touch.

Whoever made the rule that V-day colors should only be pink and red, clearly never saw this manicure.

Say it with us, heart-tips… but the rainbow version.

Slightly intrigued, possibly obsessed.

Two out of three, isn’t so bad when hearts are involved. Right?!

It’s like a deck of cards, but the heart version. Right?

We know, we know… it says “Christmas,” but come on, we break the rules around here.

Anything with a silver base is always a winner in our eyes.

A rainbow of pink with a sliver of gold = chic.

Imagine all the nail selfies you’d take with these bad boys.

A classic French with a delicate twist.

Keeping it simple is always a good idea.

Black hearts aren’t always cold — sometimes their simply stylish.

Destinee A. Hughes


Destinee A. Hughes is the Editor-in-Chief of 3-Hues.com where she discovers the best beauty products, wellness treatments, and sex & relationship topics.

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