The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide According to Your Zodiac Sign


If asking “what’s your sign?” is your number one way to seeing if you’re compatible with a potential partner, then this article is for you. Our zodiac signs reveal much more about us than we’d like to admit, and nine times out of ten, it’s spot on. We trust astrology to understand our unique personality traits, and those of our friends and family, and most importantly, our romantic interest.

This Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to delve a bit deeper into astrology if we’re having some trouble finding the right gift for the ones we love.

We rounded up the hottest gifts for each zodiac sign. So, whether you’re shopping for your partner, best friend, or yourself, let the stars guide you to the most personalized gifts this Valentine’s Day.


Nothing screams Capricorn like an organized plant-based meal plan service. Sakara Life specializes in healthy living with tailored meal plans delivered straight to your door. Whether you or the Cap in your life is opting for a beauty reset or a serious detox, this is the ideal gift.



Don’t worry, Aquarius, we know you cant make up your mind, which is why this collection of bath and shower oils is perfect for you. This luxurious bath and shower collection has as many different options as you do moods. Why choose one when you can have them all?


Slip-Silk-Mask-3-Hues-Destinee-HughesAre you awake, Pisces, or are you living in your dream world? This silk sleeping mask is the perfect way to enhance a tranquil sleep where you can create a fantasy you won’t ever want to wake up from.



Oh, Aries always so serious and intense. This Calming Serum is perfect for this fiery sign which is looking to add a bit more tranquility in their life. Soothe irritated skin and fight signs of aging while you sleep. A moment of peace will be visible on your lovely face as soon as you wake up.



We get it, Taurus you like to eat. This is why these dietary supplements are ideal for promoting optimal skin health from the inside out. See? A perfect way to feed your skin from within.



You are dualistic, and it shows. Geminis have twin-like personally traits just like this Nude Duo Stick.  Switch up your look depending on how you feel or whichever side of the bed you woke up on. We honestly can’t keep track.


Byredo-La-Tulipe-Body-Wash-3-Hues-Destinee-HughesJust because you’re a water sign doesn’t mean you have to drown in your emotions. But if you do, at least add a luxurious body wash to the equation. Byredo La Tulipe Body Wash will help you wash away your feelings leaving your skin silky smooth with a fresh floral scent.




It’s your world, Leo; we’re simply living in it. Learn how incredible your body is and when it’s at its peak with enhanced beauty. This book will help you keep track of the magic behind your menstrual cycle and how to use it to your benefit.


Polished, organized, and precise, that’s you, Virgo. This chic Diptyque candle set is ideal for adding that simple yet fresh smell you are seeking. Whether you’re using this set for home décor or to actually light them (which we doubt), this is the ideal gift for you.


Kevyn-Aucoin-Destinee-Hughes-3-HuesYou love all things beautiful, which includes yourself. This sculpting and defining set is perfect for any Libra looking to spruce up their image. Whether you’re looking to contour or highlight, this Kevyn Aucoin set will enhance your attraction to any and every one your heart desires.


3-Hues-Destinee-Hughes-Tom-FordNothing says Scorpio quite like a mysterious and sensual scent. Keep them wondering what you’re thinking, what you want, and what you are wearing with this intriguing Tom Ford scent. By the time they get the courage to approach you, you’ll already have them in a mesmerizing trance, leaving them wanting more and more.



Change is your middle name Sagittarius. This is why the interchangeable styling wand is perfect for days where you want to look as different as you feel. Create tousled curls, deep waves, or simple ringlets for every mood you feel.

Destinee A. Hughes


Destinee A. Hughes is the Editor-in-Chief of 3-Hues.com where she discovers the best beauty products, wellness treatments, and sex & relationship topics.

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