6 Black Makeup Artists Who Are Changing The Game


Celebrity makeup artists don’t get enough credit, and oftentimes, if you are Black, you don’t get credit at all. For years, models and celebrities of color have been riddled with makeup artists who have the slightest amount of knowledge about how to color-match skin, the right products for undertones, and the best ingredients for richer tones. Thankfully, within the last few years, the industry has culturally changed – and for the better.

Here, we listed six of some of the best leading makeup artists in the industry. These Black beauty pros have been credited to some of the most iconic names in the industry, including Beyonce, Rihanna, Iman, and more. Here’s why…

Sir John

If you haven’t heard of Sir John, then we are deeply concerned about your beauty knowledge. Sir John is the famed beauty guru behind Beyonce’s most recognizable looks. Remember that glitter eyeliner Beyonce rocked at Coachella? Well, that was all Sir John. So, thank him for all of those trends you’ve been subconsciously trying.

Pat McGrath

Her name raises eyebrows and rings bell in all avenues, especially the fashion lane. She has created leading looks on our favorite runways like Prada, Valentino, Maison Margiela, Miu Miu, Versace, and more. Between her out-of-this-world beauty line and the incredible famous faces she’s blessed, McGrath sets the bar for all makeup artists.

Danessa Myricks

The multi-talented Danessa Myricks is a certified guru in the beauty industry. Whether her name is making way for her beauty line, her photography, or her incredible makeup artistry, Myricks is in a league of her own when it comes to vibrant looks and vivid inspirations.

Mali Magic

With a fitting last name, Mali Magic’s talent is extremely enchanting. If having an impressive roster including Nicki Minaj, Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, and Tiffany Hadish isn’t noteworthy, then we don’t know what is. High-key glamour is Magic’s forte, which is why her work is mainly seen in editorial and red carpet events.

Porsche Cooper

If Iman and Beyonce trust Porsche Cooper’s hands to grace their face, then there is no doubt that she is the go-to MUA for red carpet-worthy clientele. Cooper’s talents are unmatched, and it shows. As a bonus to her impressive work, she often does Instagram lives to give great tips and tricks on how to get that glam look in everyday life.

Lola Okanlawon

One look at Lola Okanlawon’s beautiful creations, and it’s easily understood why she is a sought-after artist in the industry. Specializing in many makeup services including, male grooming and airbrushed looks, Okanlawon is certainly on the right path to becoming one of the greatest.

Destinee A. Hughes


Destinee A. Hughes is the Editor-in-Chief of 3-Hues.com where she discovers the best beauty products, wellness treatments, and sex & relationship topics.


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