Everyone’s Talking About Adaptogens – Here’s What They Actually Do

If vitamins and supplements have made their way into your daily routine, then there’s a good chance you’ve come across adaptogens. While the name can be a bit intimidating at first glance, adaptogens, however, are probably the most “inviting” supplement to have in your diet. Actually, if you’ve ever had turmeric or licorice, then you’ve already had the super herb, which means you’ve probably felt their many benefits.

Keep reading below to get an in-depth understanding of how adaptogens help put our stress at ease while enhancing our vitality, focus, and overall well-being.

What Are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are a group of herbs and mushrooms that support the body’s natural ability to deal with mental, physical, and emotional stress. The unique name stems from their ability to “adapt” their function to the specific needs of the body, may it be physical, chemical, or biological. Think of them as a scale, adding to all the areas we’ve depleted for a more balanced and focused foundation.

Where Can They Be Found?

You can find adaptogens in many herbs and a few mushrooms. What’s so interesting about them is that each herb or shroom provides a targeted benefit for the body. For example, Maca Root is generally used for its mood-enhancing properties, while Reishi Mushroom helps create a healthy sleep pattern.

  • Turmeric: Helps the body balance stress hormones and reduces inflammation
  • Licorice: Boosts endurance and overall energy
  • Tulsi Basil: Reduces anxiety, stress, and inflammation
  • Nettle Leaf: Reduces stress and tension
  • Reishi Mushroom: Helps the body create a healthy sleep pattern and adapt to stress
  • Cordyceps Mushroom: Reduces stress and balances hormones
  • Maca Root: Boosts mood and energy levels
  • Ashwagandha: Protects the body against stress and anxiety
  • Schisandra: Boosts memory, focus, and mental performance

How To Add Them To Your Diet?

While there are many ways to take adaptogens, our favorite method is with smoothies, tonics, and teas. Moon Juice has a wide range of easy-to-use adaptogen products with benefits varying from optimal hair, skin, and nail health to prime sexual and libido performance.



Try this quick and easy recipe from Moon Juice

Pink Beauty Au Lait


8 oz, warm Lait de Coco or milk of choice
1 tsp / 1 sachet, Beauty Dust
¼ tsp, beet juice
4 tsp, Tocos

Combine all ingredients in a blender or froth with an aerolatte.

Photos courtesy of Moon Juice

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