6 Major Red Flags to Look for in a New Relationship


Getting to know all of the small idiosyncrasies about someone while dating is one of the most exciting experiences in becoming intimate with one another. However, those small idiosyncrasies sometimes turn into major red flags our rose-colored glasses didn’t allow us to see.

We rounded up the six major red flags to look out for when dating. Keep reading below to learn how to navigate the beginning stages of your new relationship.

Relationship Hops

Meeting someone new is exciting, exhilarating, and emotionally enhancing. But, if your partner is rushing you into a committed relationship within days or weeks of initially meeting, then proceed with absolute caution. This person is either on the immediate rebound, has dependent issues, or is a serial dater. All good things come with time, so give it that,

Speak Badly About Their Exes

If one of the initial conversations you’ve had with your partner has unveiled an extremely detailed story of how “crazy” their ex was or how they detest them (but keep up with their every move on social media), then run. This person is either still madly in love with them or refuses to acknowledge the abusive behavior they’ve displayed in this past relationship, resulting in their ex exhibiting “crazy” behavior. We’ve heard it, sweetheart, next.


Zero Work Ethic

We love a good day off, but if your partner has perpetual days off, then we’ve got quite the problem. Relationships are work, and they by far, and quite expensive. If your partner is showing no interest in building a better future for themselves, then it’s highly unlikely they’ll change that mindset in a partnership. While we all grow and develop at our own pace, ambition is a key factor in upward mobility. If your partner isn’t displaying this quality… leave.

They’ve Cheated in Their Past Relationships

It happens, it hurts, then you heal. We’ve all been there, unfortunately. However, if your partner has an arrogant attitude towards their past cheating experiences, then take heed. Are they remorseful? Do they regret it? Have they been cheated on? Ask these questions and really, really, listen to their answers (body language included). People grow from their past, but they can also be creatures of habit.

They Won’t Make Your Relationship Public

Having a private relationship is completely different from having a hidden one. If your partner is unwilling to make your relationship public, then this is a major red flag. There is either someone they haven’t quite cut ties with or aren’t proud enough of you to showcase their adoration to their friends and family. It’s not normal, don’t normalize it.

Friends And Family Don’t Approve

Sometimes our friends and family know us better than we know ourselves. So if their initial impression of your partner is met with inflating intuition and a gut feeling, then take it into consideration. Being blind to the truth is temporarily comforting, but it always comes back to bite us. Keep those clear-visioned people in your corner to help you see as transparent as possible.

Destinee A. Hughes


Destinee A. Hughes is the Editor-in-Chief of 3-Hues.com where she discovers the best beauty products, wellness treatments, and sex & relationship topics.


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