Here’s What You Need to Know About Dr. Sturm’s Darker Skin Tone Collection


Melanin skin is richly unique, and after a conversation with Angela Basset, German doctor and creator of the vampire facial, Barbara Sturm understood this in-depth. While skincare products are mainly tailored to skin types and concerns, few are tailored to demographics – until now.

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Darker Skin Tones Collection comprises four of her bestselling products formulated with the dermatological needs of darker skin tones. Hyperpigmentation, overactive sebaceous glands, and sun damage, to name a few.

We chatted with the Sturm team to get an inside look at the distinctive qualities of this skincare line. Here’s what we found.


Foam Cleanser


This gentle foaming cleanser is the first step in the skincare routine. The skin’s natural barrier and pH balance are equally leveled by removing makeup, pollution, and impurities. Key ingredients like salicylic acid aid in softening dead skin, and purslane acts help reduce visible signs of aging.

Enzyme Cleanser



Exfoliating is key in revealing a radiant complexion, especially when it comes to darker skin tones. The enzyme cleanser is a cleansing foam and enzymatic peel in one, making it twice the product. It’s infused with vitamin C to ensure a brighter complexion and leaves skin looking radiant, refined, and hydrated.


“For us, it’s all about inclusivity in beauty – darker skin tones have different dermatological needs. Just as we have seen within the makeup category…” – Dr. Barbara Sturm

Hyaluronic Serum



This best-selling serum is formulated to meet the health needs of darker skin tones – and it absolutely does. The fan-favorite hyaluronic acid provides instant hydration and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It instantly absorbs, making it the perfect product for layering in skincare routines.

Face Cream



This radiance-boosting face cream is formulated with magnolia extract and African whitewood bark, both essential for refining pores and providing intense hydration—other ingredients, such as the cell-protecting ingredient Telovitin, which boosts anti-aging benefits maintaining a youthful complexion.

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