What is Your Love Language in a Relationship? Here’s How to Tell


There are so many ways to express love. But sometimes, in a relationship, it’s difficult to express love in a way that our partner receives it well. Learning your love style and how your partner interprets love is pivotal in maintaining a healthy and positive relationship. The Five Love Languages, created by Dr. Gary Chapman, are a great guide to understanding which language of love works best for you and those closest to you.

Here, we listed the five love languages that will be expressed in every relationship. Whether it’s quality time, elaborate gifts, or kind words, everyone loves differently. Keep reading to find out which one works best for you.

Quality Time

If your love language is quality time, then that means that you enjoy undivided attention with your partner. Having them prioritize you into their schedule without canceled plans is your ideal level of love. It’s important to you to create memories and experience new things with your partner as this makes you feel content, happy and valued.

Words of Affirmation

When your partner says, “I love you,” it means much more to you than they’d ever imagined. Being reassured often is how you interpret their adoration for you. Being appreciated and acknowledged is important to you. Having them acknowledge small details like when you get your hair done, or try a new perfume, or switch up your style is pivotal and having verbal confirmations makes you feel seen and cherished.


Acts of Service

When your partner supports you and helps with minor responsibilities, this is when you feel most loved. Actions mean everything to you; words are meaningless if there’s no action behind them. It’s the small things for you; when they notice that you’re overwhelmed or behind scheduled and take matters into their own hands to help you out is the best way to show their love for you. When your partner sees an opportunity to step up to the plate, that is when you feel valued.

Physical Touch

Cuddles, hugs, kissing and making love are the key things to making your heart grow fonder. Physical intimacy is what makes you feel grounded in a relationship. Public displays of affection make you feel desired; gentle touches on the small on your back and soft kisses on your forehead are a direct way to your heart.

Gifts Giving 

Receiving gifts will make you fall in love faster than anything. While the present itself is a nice gesture, it’s actually the thought behind it that fills you with adoration. Surprise gifts are most meaningful to you as it helps deepen your bond with your partner. You like to commemorate special dates like anniversaries and holidays with a gift, so you have something to remind you of significant times. Receiving a gift displays that you are prioritized and cared for.

Destinee A. Hughes


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