12 of The Best Sex Toys to Try According to Your Zodiac Sign


Our zodiac signs reveal multiple layers of our personalities, from our quirky characteristics to our relationship compatibility, and most intimately, how we relate to our sexuality. While we all enjoy sex, some zodiac signs enjoy it… let’s say, more than others. And no, we’re not talking about those sultry Scorpios either.

Nowadays, vibrators do much more than vibrate, so there are countless ways to reach peak-level orgasms with different toys. Whether you’re a coy Cancer who’d prefer to keep things a bit more discreet or a loving Libra who wants to include their partner, there’s something for you.

We teamed up with luxury sex toy company LELO to match their bestselling sex toys to each zodiac sign’s key personality traits. Keep reading below to see which ones you should try out and which ones you should leave to the pros.



Oh, Capricorns love to be in control – and you often are, which is why the Siri™ 2 is the perfect toy for your powerhouse zodiac sign. What is so special about this vibrator is that it plays music with an eight-speed setting range set to be in rhythm to the beat or the sound of your partner’s voice… yeah, you read that right.



As an Aquarius, it’s your duty to look for an otherworldly orgasm, and this vibrator will get you there. The Enigma ™ is a dual-action massager (think inner/outer, and g-spot) designed to pleasure multiple parts of the vagina for a transcending escape so intense you’ll think you’d left the planet. 


Pisces, you may live in your dream world, but some fantasies you’re ready to make cum true. Sila™ is a gentle toy that delivers sonic waves to the right parts of your body, allowing you to reach a self-loved orgasm you’ve wished about your whole life.


LELO-smartwand- Destinee-A-Hughes-3-Hues


You’re big, bad, and bold in and outside the bedroom, Aries. Your arrogant attitude deserves a vibrator that works as hard as you do. Sona 2 Cruise pulsates harder when pressed against the body unleashing an intense sensation for a powerful orgasm.


You, Taurus, are naturally orally fixated (interpret that as you like), so it’s to no surprise that the most tantalizing toy would be one that mimics the tongue. Ora™ 3 is an ideal toy for anyone seeking the same feeling like oral sex. The unique toy rotates and vibrates like a tongue and stimulates the same sensation you had when you found out just exactly how many licks it took to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop. 




You’re dualistic, so your vibrator should be too. The Soraya™ 2 is the textbook vibrator for Gemini’s because it offers dual stimulation for both clitoral and g-spot orgasms. Perfect for the sign who thinks two is better than one.




Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us, Cancer. The Mia™ 2 has a lipstick-style design so that your pleasure can go as discreetly as possible. The compact toy allows for spontaneous moments and looks perfectly normal in your bedside drawer – or purse. Keep your pleasure to yourself.


LELO-smartwand- Destinee-A-Hughes-3-Hues

The bigger, the better is your motto, Leo. So naturally, the toy of your choice would be the world-famous Smart Wand ™. This intense but luxurious vibrator is essential for solos (or couples) seeking a maximum moment with minimal nose. We won’t be hearing this lion’s roar tonight.


lela-hex-condoms-destinee-a-hughes-3-huesSex is great, but it needs to be safe, clean, and pregnancy-free. After all, that’s not in your five-year plan, right, Virgo? The Lelo Hex™ condom is known for its hexagonal texture, increasing grip for a precise fit, and sublime sensation. Look at that, safe, secure, and sensational sex.



You’re all about equality, Libra – especially when it comes to the bedroom. This couple’s ring, which is fully waterproof, is ideal for partners to find plenty of ways to explore intimacy in tandem. Tor™ 2 enhances sensations for both partners delivering a uniformed orgasm. Now that’s balance.


LELO_dareme_Scorpio, you’re willing to try anything once – twice if you like it. This Dare Me Set is perfect for your sexy sign to add to your many, many bags of tricks. The three-piece set includes various toys to explore, including the super sexy Etherea Silk Cuffs. 


You’re adventurous, Sag. You’re always eager to discover new ways to enjoy sex, and the Tiani 3 is the perfect exploration toy for you – and your partner. The remote-controlled massager vibrates in… well, let’s say in more places than one.

Destinee A. Hughes


Destinee A. Hughes is the Editor-in-Chief of 3-Hues.com where she discovers the best beauty products, wellness treatments, and sex & relationship topics.

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