Paula Galindo on Her Exclusive Luxie Beauty Miami Brush Collection

Luxie Beauty, the vegan, and cruelty-free brush brand has collaborated with YouTube beauty sensation Paula Galindo (@PauTips) to debut an exclusive Miami-inspired collection. This must-have launch includes the Miami Nights Eye Set, Art Deco Blending Set, and Dual Sided Travel Set, making them the perfect additions for creating an unforgettable Miami makeup look.

Conor Riley, Luxie Beauty CEO notes that it was perfect timing for this exclusive collaboration to come about. “Paula had always been someone who was on our radar. Her artistry is amazing, and we knew we wanted to do something together, so when this opportunity came the timing was absolutely perfect,” he tells 3-Hues.

We chatted with the beauty influencer during the exclusive launch party at the Faena Bazaar to get a first-hand look at the inspiration behind the collection, why she’s happy to call Miami her new home, and what we can expect from her in the future. Here’s what she had to say.

You’ve been the face of many beauty collaborations and collections; how does it feel to collab with Luxie Beauty?

For me, it’s important that a brand takes care of its product. Luxie Beauty is known for having vegan, cruelty-free high-quality brushes – and that eases my consciousness. So when we came together, it was a perfect match.

Paula Galindo and Luxie Beauty CEO, Conor Riley
You embody what Miami feels and looks like, vibrant and full of life! How did that translate into this collection? How is this collection inspired by Miami?

I just moved to Miami; I’ve been here for one month. I think the Latina community is huge [here], and we are hardworking people. I feel inspired because it’s Hispanic Heritage Month. So for me, it’s an honor to be a part of this project. This collaboration is bright, colorful, and happy, just like Miami.

What inspired your move?

I used to live in L.A, and then during the pandemic, I went back to Colombia, then I wanted to choose a different city to [live in] the states. And the Hispanic community in Miami is huge, and it’s an untapped market – it was perfect. People don’t realize the major power that Latina’s have in the United States.

“Paula has always been someone who was on our radar. Her artistry is amazing, and we knew we wanted to do something together…” – Conor Riley, Luxie Beauty CEO

You’ve been doing makeup tutorials for nearly a decade; tell us how you got started. What was the inspiration behind your first video?

I’ve always dreamed of being an influencer, but back then, we weren’t called influencers; we just created content on social media – content creators. I didn’t even have a camera at first, so I used to pretend and stand in front of the mirror, talking to myself like I was in front of an audience. I fell in love with sharing my passion with girls and making them feel better. I talk a lot about women’s empowerment; it’s not just makeup; it makes you feel better.

I found my purpose in life, talking to girls who think that they don’t have a purpose in life. I was the same, now look at me, I worked my whole life since I was 17, and now I’m here. You have to keep on working and dreaming.

Paula Galindo and friends
You have such a large following on social media; what do you think they will love the most about this Miami-inspired collection?

I’m going to show them how to use the collection. Most of my followers have so many products and brushes but don’t know how to use them correctly. So, I’m going to show them one-on-one how to do your makeup using our brushes. When you’re guided on using them the right way, you’ll be more inclined to try new makeup looks.

In Miami, anything goes when it comes to makeup; describe the perfect day-to-night look you’d create with this collection?

During the pandemic, people have been leaving heavy makeup aside and focusing more on skincare. Here in Miami, it’s humid, so I like to take care of my skin and then apply a tinted moisturizer or something light that makes my skin smoother. I also like to have bronzy cheeks – for me, the most important thing is bronzer and highlighter. When your face glows, it’s the most beautiful you can look.

Angel Merino (@Mac_Daddy) and Darlene Abreu
It seems like you always have something up your sleeve when it comes to collaborations and launches; what can we expect from you in the future? 

I’m going to keep on working to build my American audience. I’m Colombian, but I do speak English too, so that’s the perfect combination. I want to develop my own cosmetic line one day, but I’m very picky with my products. If I ever launch anything, it has to be of the same quality as Luxie Beauty.

Shop the latest limited-edition collection here, LuxieBeauty.com.

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