The 5 Best Scalp Treatments For Every Hair Texture and Concern


It’s time to get to the root of the issue; our scalps deserve much more TLC than we’re probably giving it. Well, that’s changing; say goodbye to dry, flaky scalps and hello to healthy and hydrated ones. After all, our hair can only be as healthy as our scalps are.

Below, we listed the five best scrubs, serums, and revitalizing treatments for every type of hair concern and texture. Get ready to give your scalp a revitalized boost you never knew it needed.

Ouai: Scalp and Body Scrub


Ouai’s products always give us more than what we ask for. This scalp and body scrub offers a duality of benefits. The multi-purpose product can be used as a scalp scrub before shampooing or to remove dry skin as a body exfoliant. The rich blend of sugar, coconut oil, and probiotics exfoliates and balances skin for a soft and supple head-to-toe feel.

Oribe: Serene Scalp Exfoliating Scrub


Oribe’s Serene Scalp Exfoliating Scrub is loved for many reasons other than its chic pink and gold aesthetic. This powerful scrub softly polishes the scalp removing oil, dirt, and product build-up, leaving it primed and purified for styling.

Sisley Paris: Revitalizing Fortifying Serum


Sometimes our scalp needs a revitalizing boost. Sisley Paris’ highly concentrated serum is infused with vitamins, minerals, plant-based extracts to aid in a healthy base for hair growth for all textures.

Kerastase: Scrub Apaisant


Kerastase’s soothing scrub is perfect for those with dry and flaky scalps. The sweet aroma of orange peel and jojoba oil reveal and maintain a hydrated and nourished scalp. This scrub instantly soothes irritation and reduces flakiness leaving hair shiny and hydrated.

Morrocanoil: Dry Scalp Treatment 


This dry scalp treatment works to restore imbalances in the scalp and revitalize dull hair. The lightweight formula is infused with argan oil, lavender, and other essential oils soothing dry and irritated skin. Leave this treatment on damp hair for 10-20 mins for maximum benefits.

Christopher Robin: Scalp & Shampoo Scrub



What we love the most about this scalp scrub is that it’s a shampoo too. This two-for-one exfoliator removes buildup and chemical residue to rebalance the scalp. The sea salt aids as a natural exfoliant and works to eliminate impurities supporting healthy blood circulation.

Destinee A. Hughes


Destinee A. Hughes is the Editor-in-Chief of 3-Hues.com where she discovers the best beauty products, wellness treatments, and sex & relationship topics.

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