The 5 Major Differences Between High and Low Value Men


We’ve all had our fair share of traumatic dating experiences. Whether it’s dating someone who has unhealed childhood trauma, trust issues due to past relationships, or just a person who is completely and utterly not ready for a relationship – trust, we’ve all been there.

Whatever the case, there are clear characteristics of a man who is ready for a relationship compared to one who isn’t. These men can be distinguished into two distinct categories – High and Low value.

Here, we described the key qualities to look out for in a potential partner to determine if they’re a high or low-value.

Low Value

Low-value men sadly happen to be running rampant these days. They mask themselves under the guise of high-value men characteristics, but they are anything but.

These men tend to be complacent in life, with zero goals, a lack of work ethic, and a strong sense of entitlement. They secretly subscribe to the Red Pill Society, which at its core is fueled with misogyny. They feel entitled to women, despite their shortcomings and they are easily influenced, malleable, and extremely self-destructive.

Men in this category don’t aspire to build themselves, as they don’t feel they need to. They have a complicated relationship with most women, romantically, professionally, and maternally. Which results in destructive insecure behavior showing itself in addictions, substance abuse, and personality disorders.

Low-value men:

  • Lack self-control
  • Lack long-term goals
  • Indulge in complacency
  • Display manipulative and deceptive behaviors
  • Exhibit narcissistic characteristics

Low-value men are a major liability in all relationships – not just romantic ones. However, there is hope for this man as self-reflection and the will to change can transform them into a high-value man.


High Value 

High-value men are rare to find, but they do exist. And most importantly, they are the end result of a low-value man who’s grown for the betterment of himself and those around him.

These men have extreme discipline and discernment for doing the right thing. They are responsible in all facets of life. They are not led by temptation or temporary fixes, and they understand the importance of long-term goals.

Their self-control is impeccable, which naturally makes them a desirable man. They have integrity, lead with honesty, and understand the mental, physical, and spiritual strength they possess. They are in tune with the duality of their feminine side, which should never be misinterpreted as anything less than masculine.

High-value men:

  • Practice self-control
  • Have impeccable integrity
  • Display balanced feminine and masculine sides
  • Constantly aim for self-improvement
  • Practice discipline

High-value men are not made in a day. It takes patience and the full understanding that it’s the daily choices that cultivate these characteristics. These men do not associate themselves with low-value men, as they’ve grown to understand that not only are they contagiously toxic, but they also destroy what a high-value man has worked so hard to build.

Men have a specific role in society, and those characteristics whether we choose to accept it or not, greatly affect women. Low-value men create environments that are destructive to women. High-value men create environments in which women can flourish and continue to grow generations of the prototype of these men.

Take these key differences into consideration when actively dating. And always remember to ask yourself…am I dating a high or low-value man?

Destinee A. Hughes


Destinee A. Hughes is the Editor-in-Chief of 3-Hues.com where she discovers the best beauty products, wellness treatments, and sex & relationship topics.

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