Acne Mapping: Here’s What Your Breakout Says About Your Health


Breakouts happen for a number of reasons. Maybe it’s that time of the month, a greasy burger, or a dirty pillowcase. But, regardless of the blemish, the reason it’s there and the placement of the imperfect pimple has more to do with the health of our body and less to do with the physical clogging of the pores.

According to ancient face mapping techniques, our breakouts are connected to a specific part of the body. For example, if you’re breaking out on your chin area, it’s most likely from a hormonal imbalance. Facial mapping is a great tool to use to identify and treat the source of pesky pimples.

Here, we created the essential acne mapping guide to understanding which pimples are a direct reflection of the health and which ones are simply a hygienic issue.


Forehead pimples are usually from excess buildup from hair products clogging pores. However, internally, these breakouts can directly reflect poor diet, stress, and lack of sleep. To combat this issue, try a clarifying serum to restore the skin’s resilience.

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When a breakout happens on the nose, it stems from heart and lung issues. Cutting back on smoking and spicy foods can help relieve consistent blemishes in this area. In the meantime, serum and acne healing dots that act as blackheads strips are a great way to conceal and treat breakouts.

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Breaking out on the cheeks correlates to the health of the stomach. So to prevent acne in this area, swap out sugary foods for healthier options. And drink the recommended amount of water for your body weight to stay hydrated, helping flush out toxins.

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Breakouts in this area occur because of digestive issues causing constipation—a higher intake of detoxing foods like lemon, beets, and spinach aids in improving optimal digestion. However, clarifying cleansers that will target impurities and balance oil production can help topically.

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Breakouts on the chin are a clear indicator of a hormonal imbalance. These blemishes can be difficult to avoid but not hard to treat, whether it be PMS symptoms or stress. Salicylic and glycolic acids are key ingredients in helping fight bacteria and clearing out pores.

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