7 Black-Owned Spiritual Shops For All Your Inner Goddess Needs

Black girl magic resonates deeper when you actually practice what you preach. Metaphysics, or the studies of the universe, is re-emerging in today’s spiritual practices, and Black women, of course, are at the forefront of this journey.

We are re-learning our ancestral traditions and embracing our connection to the cosmos. Manifesting with crystals, cleansing with sage, and charging with the full moon. Our powers are limitless, and we’re becoming fully aware of this natural awakening.

While our inner magic is strengthening, it’s important that we have the right tools, from the right places, to connect with our divinity. Here, we rounded up the seven best Black-owned spiritual shops to support all of your inner Goddess needs.

Beau Life Switzerland: Tarot Cards

Photo Credit: Beau Life Switzerland

A deck of tarot cards is a perfect addition to any spiritual journey, especially if they’re from Vanessa Somuayina’s Beau Life Switzerland shop. Aside from the large collection of crystals, healing beauty tools, and zodiac jewelry, Somuayina also carries tarot cards. This Gentle Heart Tarot Deck and Guidebook is a great starter kit for those beginning their journey into readings.

Heritage Apothecary: Venus Kit

Photo Credit: Heritage Apothecary

Yes, our inner Goddess is divine in indescribable ways, but our outer Goddess is just as important, too. Jessica Troupe’s Heritage Apothecary host an infinite amount of practicing tools and overall chic house decor. This Venus Bath Kit is ideal for practicing and welcoming spiritual self-care into your home. The relaxing and restorative ingredients in the spiritual cleanse help clear stagnant energy while purifying spaces.

Chakra Zulu: Singing Bowls

Photo Credit: Chakra Zulu

Chakra Zulu’s colorful singing bowl set is essential in guided meditations, yoga sequences, and energy healing practices. Sound healing is used to align and balance chakras through vibrations and frequencies. Like the chakras, each bowl has a specific note attuned to it and “sings” when played — depending on the state of your energy. Chakra Zulu also offers a wide selection of crystals, candles, herbs, and other metaphysical kits to guide you on this spiritual journey.

Soulful Vibes Co: Yoni Eggs

Photo Credit: Soulful Vibes Co.

Founded by Sunny and TJ Brooks, Soulful Vibes Co. offers high-vibrational products for beginners and the master, including the coveted yoni eggs. These powerful eggs allow us to tap into our inner womb energy. Aside from the spiritual practice, the eggs also help strengthen pelvic floors and can be used for kegel exercises.

MDRN Tribe Bookshop: Sacred Woman

Photo Credit: MDRN Tribe Bookshop

MDRN Tribe Bookshop is a safe space for Black spirituality. The sacred bookstore is home to oracle cards, palo santo, and bestselling books, including Queen Afua’s Sacred Woman. This book is dedicated to healing women’s bodies and souls through Afrocentric spirituality.

Sacred Botanica: Rainbow Rose-Wrapped Sage Sticks

Photo Credit: Sacred Botanica

Created by herbalist Empress Karen M. Rose, Sacred Botanica is a spiritual store and outlet for all things metaphysical. This botanica’s extensive products range from rare bird feathers to magic wands to amulets and talismans. While only the experienced will know what to do with the aforementioned, the botanica does have one universally easy item to use — sage. These unique sage bundles are made with rose petals in the colors of each chakra’s energies.

Blue Cypress School: Triple Goddess Tea

Photo Credit: Blue Cypress School

This tea activates the divine feminine in all of us (yes, men too). The Triple Goddess tea from Blue Cypress School supports the female divination in all stages, from the young maiden to the wise crone. Herbs such as oat straw and lavender nourish and relax the reproductive system, bringing balance and optimum womb health.

Destinee A. Hughes


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