The 3 Categories Men Put Women In: Which One Are You?


Let’s face it, as women, we will never truly know what men think when it comes to dating. The thought pegs the lifelong question, “Does he like me?”

Well, the answer to your question is simple – yes. But, “like you” in what way? That’s the real question. Does he like you just enough to make you a quick fling or does he like you enough to seek a long-term relationship?

As multi-faceted as women are, most men tend to place them in three basic categories after meeting them. These categories reveal his true intentions with you and will determine how he treats you moving forward. Here’s how to analyze your relationship to see which category he’s put you in.


The Easy Hookup

He puts zero effort into attracting you. Normally, you come to him and he strictly sees it as an opportunity to turn this relationship into a purely sexual one. 

He never plans dates that occur outside the bedroom, he rarely texts during the day, and if he does it’s because he’s got one thing on his mind – sex. And, no you can’t make him jealous by being with other guys, he doesn’t care.

He thinks you have low self-esteem, even if you’re looking for a no strings attached relationship, too. He doesn’t want any type of commitment besides a physical one. The only way to get out of this stage is to stop having sex with him.


The Placeholder

You catch his eye and he immediately notices that you’re much more than a fling. At first, he is committed to you, but after a while, he realizes that he’s bored and starts to take you for granted.

He’s had one foot in and one foot out the entire relationship, but he doesn’t have the balls to break up with you so he puts you through toxic situations manipulating you into breaking up with him. Eventually, you do, but you two both still sleep with each other until one of you finally moves on.

You ignored all of his red flags, because you were focused on his potential, and thought you could change him – you can’t. He liked you, but not enough to commit to the change he needs to make to be in a healthy long-term relationship.


The Dream Woman

He’s fantasized about you for as long as he could remember. To him, you’re beautiful inside and out and he sees you as someone he can build a family and life with. You’re the one he can bring home to his parents, and brag to his friends about. You’re technically out of his league, and you have very high self-esteem, so he has to grow and become the man you desire in order to date you.

He changes the way he dresses, the way he eats, his way of thinking, and his overall lifestyle for you. He drops the other two women for you easily and is ready to buy the ring to commit once and for all.

The difference between this woman compared to the others is that she has a standard and she sticks to it. She’s played the role of the two other women and has learned to understand men on their level of perception. She’s learned the game but has zero desire to play because she understands that she is the prize.


You see, men are much easier to read than we’d like to admit, even if all of the signs are there for us to see. Our choice to overlook them doesn’t make them go away. So, the next time you meet a guy, quickly recognize the signs he’s displaying to understand the role he has in store for you in his life.

Destinee A. Hughes


Destinee A. Hughes is the Editor-in-Chief of 3-Hues.com where she discovers the best beauty products, wellness treatments, and sex & relationship topics.

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