The First 9 Things a Woman Notices About a Man


Getting a woman’s attention is much easier than it seems. You don’t have to have a million dollars; you don’t need to drive the coolest car or even flaunt the shiniest jewels. All you have to do is be comfortable in your own skin and master the basics of attraction.

We chatted with the ladies and discussed the first few things they immediately noticed upon meeting a man. While some traits are more physical, the majority of the qualities have to do with personality. Here’s what we found:


Eyes truly are the windows to the soul; they tell much more than words could ever utter. When a man is genuinely interested, his eyes will reflect this whether he tries to or not. And the same holds true for when he only has one thing on his mind. There’s no hiding behind the eyes; they truly are transparent.


You can tell a lot about a man by how he walks; his personality is displayed with every single stride in his step. The way his arms swing, his fast or slow pace, even the light or heavy footing are all key factors in understanding the “real” him. When a man walks tall with a healthy posture, this conveys an attractive and asserting stature.


There’s a major difference between a hardworking man’s hands and a dirty man’s hands. Tattered cuticles, rough palms, and blackened fingernails are possibly one of the biggest turnoffs in the world. It also makes us question your hygiene. Why exactly are your hands in the condition they are? What have you been touching or scratching all day long that your nails are filled with dirt and grime? Wash your hands, clip your nails, and moisturize those cuticles, seriously.


Men who aren’t afraid to smile have a special place in the hearts of women who are ready to love them. Especially when they’re flashing pearly, and we mean PEARLY whites. There’s a confidence that comes along with man’s smile, in the way his mouth separates, and the sensual voice that reverberates out like silk.

However, despite how captivating that smile may be, if the oral hygiene isn’t up to par, please, don’t even bother speaking. A nice smile is a warm, welcoming invitation; bad breath is a quick and cold rejection.


Sorry to admit it, but yes, height is one of the first things noticed by a woman. While this isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker for most, it is a trait factored in during the first impression. Something about a man with a taller stature makes a woman feel naturally protected. But again, if you don’t have the confident walk that comes with the height, those extra inches are pointless.


Big di*k energy (BDE) is real. Your energy speaks for you before you even say a word. Women can sense and feel much more than we reveal, which is why your energy is a major indicator of your mood. You could be the most attractive man with all the money in the world, but if you have negative energy and a draining personality, it ruins everything.


Women take a lot of pride in their upkeep. We get our hair done, our nails done, facials, waxes, etc. The least a man can do is mirror that same effort, not only for us but for themselves. It shows that you value your self-care and that you understand the importance of first impressions. It’s okay to take pride in your appearance, especially if you’re trying to attract a potential partner.



Self-care is genderless. It doesn’t make you any less of a man or effeminize you for taking care of your skin. You are entitled to feeling and looking good, so make it a priority to do that. Develop a daily skincare routine; get rid of those pesky breakouts, treat those razor burns, and oil your beard [so it connects]. A skincare regimen is mature and attractive and shows that self-care is a priority.


Not all women are materialistic, but a good portion of us pay close attention to your overall style. There is nothing more unattractive than being with a man who refuses to upgrade his college attire of gym shorts, old t-shirts, and dirty shoes. Be versatile with your fashion and know when to switch it up. There’s comfort in knowing a man’s wardrobe can easily change from workout attire to a black-tie appropriate suit.

Destinee A. Hughes


Destinee A. Hughes is the Editor-in-Chief of 3-Hues.com where she discovers the best beauty products, wellness treatments, and sex & relationship topics.

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